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This website comprises two groups of articles by an amateur art historian living in France and who has a special interest in Romanesque architecture, sculpture and art. That interest has encouraged him to travel extensively throughout France, which has a particularly rich Romanesque heritage, and in the neighbouring countries of Western Europe to visit many of the surviving Romanesque churches, their precursors and many fine museums that are home to fascinating  artifacts of the medieval period.

The results of those visits are contained in the first groups of articles. They are a series of lavishly illustrated articles on various aspects of Romanesque architecture, sculpture and art. They are grouped under ‘decoration’ for subjects that cover more than one country; the articles on topics that are mainly focused on France, Italy or Spain are to be found on pages that are dedicated to those countries.

These articles are the result of personal visits to the cathedrals, monasteries, churches, chapels and museums discussed in the articles. The Romanesque aspects of the buildings and the decorative sculptures and paint-works were studied; assessments were then made that took account of expert opinion expressed in media that is available to the academic world but is not generally or readily available to the amateur. In the section on Romanesque and pre-Romanesque churches in Spain there are articles on the Islamic and Jewish contributions to Spanish culture and society.

The second and largest group is a series of short descriptions of all the Romanesque and pre-Romanesque churches that author has visited in France, Spain, Italy & Switzerland. The notes are set out region by region for France, followed by those for Spain, Italy & Switzerland. This second group of articles are not illustrated.

The articles and the notes on the Romanesque churches are updated as new information becomes available. All are dated at the end so that you can see if changes have been made.


Romanesque Sculpture in Italy

Romanesque Decoration

Romanesque & Pre-Romanesque in Spain

Romanesque Churches in France

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Cercles in the Dordogne

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